Physics - Forces of the universe!

As physics is a very theoretical way of science some ideas that come out of scientists brains can't be proven with experiments. So instead scientists use maths to figure out their ideas, such as the key to unlocking the universe or how to get a rocket into space etc. So have fun finding the keys to all science and how everything works!


The basics every great physicist needs maths and quanities
Find out why forces are balanced and why we don't slip everywhere when we walk. Also why we don't float of into space!
Find out how momentum works and how energy is transferred through momentum.
Figure out what the difference between hyrdogynamics and hydrostatics and why it helps with a lot of things in our everyday lives!
Learn about the characteristics of waves and what kind of waves there are in the world
Learn about how you get electric shocks and why rubber stops lightning shocking your body
Find out what kinds of background radiation there are and what gamma, alpha, and beta mean in this physics topic.
Find out how nuclear energy works and decide if nuclear fusion or fission is better!
Firstly, an electromagnetic field is generated when charged particles are accelerated. All of these electrically charged particles are in the electric field and produce the magnetic field when in motion.