Biology - Nature wonder

Get to know how all life on earth works and how the cycles and systems of the natural world keep us in a great balance. Take a look through these pages and never see the forests and fields the same again!


Learn about how you get your genes and what makes up DNA and why it is useful for biology
learn how cells are formed and what specialised cells are used for
The world has natural cycles that keep the balance in nature and in the atmosphere. However, human interference has to lead to these cycles changing. This is bad for all life on the planet because it is disrupting sensitive ecosystems and causing widespread climate change. Here are the two main cycles for all life and what they do
Natural selection was thought up by an English naturalist called Charles Darwin. Darwin studies the variation in species of plants and animals around the world in the 19th century. After 30 years of research on animal and plant species, he proposed his theory of evolution by natural selection in 1858. The ideas in his theory were very controversial because it conflicted with the religious view of the world's creation.
Your heart beats all the time and is doing so because of an unconscious reflex in the brain that sends a nerve down to contract the heart muscles. Your heart beats roughly 3,363,850,000 times a year!
Photosynthesis is a chemical reaction that occurs in plants to create energy, the same as respiration for humans. Plants cells have a cell similar to the mitochondria called chloroplasts that are used for respiration to create energy. However, photosynthesis is the reverse of the respiration humans use.
Proteins are an essential part of living organisms and do so much for the body that without them we would die or live significantly shorter lives. Proteins are polymers, this means that they are made from long chains of amino acids to create a larger molecule. Each protein is built from a particular set of amino acids this unique pattern means that each different protein has a different job in the body. Some proteins that you might have heard of are hormones and enzymes.