Astronomy - Better than black holes..

Mankind has long gazed toward the night sky, trying to put meaning and order to the universe around him. Although the movement of constellations was the easiest to track, other celestial events such as eclipses and the motion of planets were also charted and predicted. Learn about the great universe and its secrets right here!


Our planet, Earth, one of the nine planets in our solar system. The beginning of astrology. The doorway into the cosmos from where the earth, and our extremely powerful telescopes, reside. The human fascination with the universe has led to some incredible discoveries including black holes, supernovas and the big bang. However, before we can get into all the mystical space phenomena we have to start with the first discoveries in the science of space and that is our solar system!
Stars are massive fireballs that glitter throughout the universe in different shapes and sizes. It is very uncommon to come across similar stars as they can range from 450x smaller to over 1000x larger than our sun. A star's mass is measured in the unit solar mass with I solar mass being the mass of our sun. Stars can range from a twelfth of a solar mass to over 50 solar masses.